The Art of Storytelling

My name is Lauren Flanagan and my love of preserving timeless moments began with my own love story. I met my husband ten years ago while we were both serving in the United States Army and stationed in Washington state. Now, we are married and raising our two beautiful children in the rolling hills of Ohio. I am Inuk and Mexican, and being a mother has given me the chance to connect both generations and cultures.

Great-grandparent Ramirez's wedding in Torreón, Mexico on August 1, 1944

Grandma and Grandpa Ramirez, Northwest River, Labrador, Canada 1969

Grandma and Grandpa's wedding day in Northwest River, Labrador, Canada 1971

Grandma and Grandpa Ramirez, Northwest River, Labrador, Canada 1971

Grandpa Ramirez, my brother Owen, my beautiful Mama, and my son Hank. 2019.

My wedding day on October 31st, 2020 in Minerva, Ohio. Everything that I am grateful for begins with this man right here! Picture courtesy of Keli Ford Photography.

My beautiful family, they will always be the best thing about me.

"Wild Hearts"

"Wild Hearts" is a collection honoring Inuit culture inspired by my Grandma, Selma Obed Ramirez. The jewelry is custom-made by Kayla Lauzon of August Beadwork and photography is by Maria Sancic of Gypsylady Creative Co.

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